Making things is the best feeling in the entire world.

It's a magical thing to imagine something in your head and then make it real. It was in my brain and now I'm holding it in my hands. Kind of like shooting yarn lasers out of my fingers.

Textiles have always been my weapon of choice, from cutting up my clothes, screen printing and sewing quilts, to crocheting, knitting, yarn dying, and finally weaving. I'll check embroidery off the list one day. There's something about working with my hands, meticulously and repetitively, that is incredibly calming and rewarding for me.

I've settled very comfortably into weaving, a practice that is both tactile and intensely graphic. Weaving allows me to explore my technical side, or sometimes just let my chaotic side explode. I love exploring new techniques, using the same yarn to create completely different looks and textures. Until I get tired of it. Then I'll totally try embroidery or macramé.

Unruly Edges is a collection of weavings by Melissa Washin.

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